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Reasons to be Cheerful…

Oh, I do love Spring, more than any other season!

And all my new stock is arriving in boxes from The Netherlands and Germany, so it suddenly feels rather like Christmas with all the unpacking to be done.

Because my jewellery is mostly made to order, there is a lead-time between the order being placed and its arrival, so I can never quite recall precisely what is coming until it gets here.

I am particularly looking forward to showing off the fabulous new Bohemia Collection from Berlin; oh, the colours are just beautiful!

Every piece of Bohemia is unique as the glass circles are handmade, with subtle nuances and variations. The choice of Swarovski Crystals between this glass is equally important as they compliment and enhance the hues in the glass to achieve a perfectly balanced palette.

You can see the whole collection here and there are matching necklaces and bracelets with a choice of stud or drop earrings to finish the look.

(On that note, I am often asked if it’s necessary or a good idea to buy the whole set. Of course, the answer is to buy what you  will wear, so if you aren’t a necklace person, choose a bracelet or bracelet and earrings so you have two pieces to match… or necklace and earrings. If you decide to add a matching piece later on, it should be possible, certainly within the same season.)

Last Autumn, I bought (and wore and wore) the Gold-Grey set and the anthracite, black and ginger shades in a gold setting were perfect with darker winter clothes. I’m looking forward to putting it with the new light grey I’m favouring this Spring but I think I might just need another colour for when I want something a bit brighter and less neutral. The only problem is… there’s so many colours to choose from!

For now though, it’s back to unpacking and pricing ready for the Country Living Spring Fair in two weeks time. Come and visit the Armadillo Jewellery stand – J38 and meet Bohemia for yourself!

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