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Why Aluminium Jewellery?

Of all the jewellery retailers in the UK, Armadillo probably has the biggest collection of jewellery made of 100% anodised aluminium.

You can choose a colour and then choose a shape to suit your style, or select the style and find a choice of colours. There are lots of stunning possibilities!

So here are some reasons why we think you will love our aluminium jewellery…

Aluminium jewellery is beautiful and our collection has styles and colours to suit just about everyone.

It is a pure metal and it is extremely hypo-allergenic (as it doesn’t contain lead or nickel which are the common causes of skin allergies).

It is incredibly light and so even the boldest and chunkiest pieces are comfortable to wear.

The process of anodising aluminium enhances the natural qualities of aluminium; it permits a strongly contemporary finish that is amazingly resistant to corrosion and abrasion, so the colours applied will not scratch off or chip.

Unlike plated costume jewellery, aluminium doesn’t mind your perfume or getting wet. As a consequence your jewellery should maintain its ‘as new’ look after years of wear. (Please note, we would never recommend that it is worn in the sea as salt water may cause damage).

The colours of our anodised aluminium have depth and a gorgeous, tasteful satin finish which perfectly complement the shiny silver and gold rings between and the clasps.

The clasps on our aluminium necklaces and bracelets are a T-bar style – probably the easiest to fasten and undo on oneself.

Caring for your jewellery is easy – a soft cloth will keep it clean and free from any build-up if necessary.

If you want to experience anodised aluminium jewellery for yourself, visit our superb collection here and  be tempted by the fantastic choice of shapes and colours. You can also find us at sales and shows across the country where you can feel, try and experience it. Check our our Events Page for details.

Happy Shopping!


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