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silver or gold?

Are you a silver or a gold person?

For years silver jewellery has been by far the most popular, probably because it’s widely available, less expensive, and the gold-coloured imitation looked  kind of ‘tacky’ and ‘very fake’ most of the time.

However some of us definitely suit one more than the other and with the current season introducing lots more ‘gold’  jewellery, there’s never been a better time to check that you are wearing the colour that suits you best.

That’s another reason to love the Aluminium Collection.  Some of the pieces combine their colours with a gold, rather than a silver base, and there’s the fabulous silver and gold combination too (which use matt and shiny components in both) which are such ‘true’ colours that they get mistaken for the real thing, according to my customers.

I have to admit that these colour gurus do know their stuff though and a gold base does suit my colouring better than silver.  But hey, I’m not giving up on the silver that I have worn and loved for so long.  I’ll just have a little of both!

The new Aluminium stock is due in any day now, so keep an eye out – there’s some terrific new colours coming for Spring.


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